More Fantastic Four covers announced, this time as first issue variants

We’ve already seen a whole bunch of Fantastic Four variant covers from Marvel Comics. But while those are line-wide, this new series of alt-illustrations from artist Artgerm will variate on the actual first issue of the new monthly.


I’m not that familiar with Artgerm, so to be honest I didn’t think these variants were going to be anything special. But that’s the exact opposite of what they’re looking like. At least, from the first two reveals they are.

Though we’ve yet to see the actual cover of the upcoming Fantastic Four #1, there will be a set of four variants hitting day and date. All four are coming from Artgerm, with each one spotlighting a member of the classic team.

So far, we’ve got the first two available to peek at, with Thing and Human Torch. They look exactly as you’d expect them too, though it’s the last pair that might present something different. We have yet to see designs for either Reed or Sue Richards. They actually do seem like they might be a little different than you might be accustomed to. At least, from some of the preview imagery they do (Reed might have a beard).

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As for detailed looks though, we have yet to see any. I assume that’s something that will be corrected sooner than later, since Marvel has started to put these covers out there. Of course, we’ll have the pics when they’re available.

Fantastic Four #1 hits the stands on August 8th.

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