More Monster Hunter 4 footage

This weekend, Capcom released 30 minutes of footage of their Early Experience Meeting; where they showcase the latest addition to the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter 4.

A good chunk of the video is devoted to gameplay and features in the game itself, so you’re treated to quite a lot of exposure of Monster Hunter 4. Capcom started the meeting off with a trailer of the game, and it looks gorgeous; the world that players will get to explore is vast and colorful. The monsters themselves are also look to be very well designed.

About twenty minutes in the meeting you’ll see some gameplay, and how the mechanics of MH4 work. From what can be seen it appears to run very smoothly, with little to no frame drops at all. The sheer attention to detail is also quite impressive, as even individual blades of grass can be seen blowing around in the wind. For a handheld game it looks almost stunning. We also see a few battles, showing off the combat system, such as the ability to jump on a monster’s back and stack it in the back several times.

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Monster Hunter 4 will be released September 14th in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS.

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