Mortal Kombat’s God of Thunder Raiden comes to Injustice 2 in new trailer

Raiden makes the jump from Mortal Kombat to the alternate DC Comics U that features in Injustice. Get a look at him and Black Lightning in action.

Lighting and thunder

Honestly, I wasn’t all that into Raiden. Then again I really wasn’t into any more MK characters appearing in Injustice 2. Crossovers are cool and all, but I’d much rather have DC characters in my DC fighting game. But that said, I have to admit he actually looks pretty awesome. I’m probably a little biased though, since he’s one of my favorite Mortal Kombateers, but still. I feel pretty confidant saying that he’s freaking cool looking… even though, again, I’m not crazy about the inclusion.

Developer NetherRealm managed to all but erase my main complaint about Raiden though, since they added in a very cool Premium Skin. Black Lighting is somewhat of a niche DC Comics hero who’s about to go big thanks to a new show on the CW. So to get him added to Injustice 2 is really neat, and like other Premium Skin additions, probably not something that you would’ve seen otherwise. So good work with that NetherRealm.

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Watch for both of these electricity-wielding heroes to arrive in the DC fighting game sometime soon. As of now, the game is available for bot the PS4 and the Xbox One.

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