Narco Terror to bring on some old school action

Twin stick shooters haven’t been a presence on consoles in a while and now Deep Silver is looking to bring the genre back with Narco Terror.

Ex-special ops Rick Quinn is a one-man-army and faces impossible odds. His beloved daughter was kidnapped by drug cartel leader Delgado, to prevent the use of a new tool that could expose the secret narcotics smuggling ring. Quinn is the deadliest weapon around, and will stop at nothing to get his daughter back.

If that sounds like the storyline to Commando or some other ’80s era action spectacle, then you’ve got the general idea. Narco Terror is Deep Silver and developer Rubicon Organization’s ode to the action movie and it definitely shows.

Narco Terror will be throwing everything and the kitchen sink at players including tanks, choppers and even jets. You’ll also be able to pilot some of those vehicles in shooter stages that really harken back to the old days of the arcade game.

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Lock and load, Narco Terror is set to arrive on Xbox Live, the PSN and the PC this Summer.

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