Need for Speed launch trailer blasts the series onto EA Access today

EGX Hands-On: Need For Speed

EA’s big racing franchise Need for Speed is about to re-launch, and it’s bringing a whole new flavor to the series’ classic racing action.

There really hasn’t been all that much hype surrounding Need for Speed. It’s kind of odd really, since this is the reboot for one of the biggest racing franchises in gaming, and the biggest race franchise for EA. The game is almost here though, pulling into retail on November 3rd and debuting on the Xbox One exclusive EA Access today, and it’s bringing with it a bunch of improvements and new ideas for NfS on the whole.

For starters, this is a true open-world that you get to race in this time, and it’s one that’s constantly shrouded in night. That could be a really cool aesthetic, adding to the feel that EA is shooting for with the new re-start. The feel, by the way, is an underground one.

With a real story this time, focusing on “real world icons like Magnus Walker and Ken Block”, this new Need aims to keep you playing for the narrative as much as the fast-paced gameplay. Oh, and this graphics probably deserve a mention as well- ’cause they’re awesome.

As I mentioned, Need for Speed arrives next week at the retail level, but if you’re a EA Access subscriber playing on the Xbox One (that’s the outlet for the service) then you can get to it starting today. Find out more here.

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