NEOGEO X Gold on the way this month

December 4, 2012
Collectables, industry, News


Remember starring at that uber-expensive NEOGEO in the toy store window when you were a kid? Well this time around you’ll actually be able to afford one.

The upcoming NEOGEO X Gold console is actually a lot cooler than the original though. This new bad boy splits off from its home base into a portable for on the go beat downs and looks pretty awesome doing it.

I originally thought the X Gold was going to be more of a collector’s item than anything else, but with the expandable game card slot and some very nice (classic) console hardware backing it up it’s looking like a lot more than that.

Hustle if you want one- The NEOGEO X Gold is sold out almost everywhere but can still be had (hint: Best Buy) if you check around. The console lands at retail on December 18th.

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