Netflix debuts first trailer for Dragon’s Dogma anime adaption

Netflix debuts first trailer for Dragon’s Dogma anime adaption

It’s been a long time since fans of Dragon’s Dogma have had a new entry in the series and, while the upcoming Netflix anime series isn’t the game they were hoping for, it will be a welcome return to the Capcom IP. The new series will release on Netflix on September 17, but you can get your first taste of the Dragon’s Dogma anime now with the first trailer. The debut trailer paints the picture of a complex tale full of heartache (pun intended), magic and monsters.

The anime adaption of Dragon’s Dogma follows the story of Ethan. He lost his home and family to a dragon, which also stole his heart. Not figuratively. It literally ripped his heart out and left him for dead. Thanks to the timely help of a being known as a pawn, Ethan’s life is saved, mostly.

Arise, hero

He is resurrected as an Arisen, which is a state somewhere between life and death. It also leaves Ethan somewhere between human and monster. The tormented hero and his devoted companion, who he names Hannah, set out to reclaim Ethan’s heart and serve the dragon who stole it a large dose of vengeance. They pick up a few friends along the way, but with every monster Ethan battles, his inner monster fights to get out. And people are starting to notice.

Dragon's Dogma anime Ethan

If you’re a Dragon’s Dogma fan and simply can’t wait for the anime, you can check out our list of visual and gameplay mods for the game to help you get through the coming weeks. They will give the game a fresh new look and feel, so you can dive into the monster hunting RPG action for a few weeks.

Alternatively, you can also take a look at another video game that’s been given the anime adaption treatment, Castlevania. The anime released its third highly successful season in March this year.

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