New Blood Bowl 2 screens take the field

Fans of hard-hitting, blood-spattered football (the one with the oblong ball) take note, Blood Bowl II is coming along nicely as the dwarven team makes its debut in Games Workshop’s league.

While Humans and Orcs have been joyfully tearing each other apart for a few weeks now (watch the ‘First Match’ trailer), it’s time for the 3rd of the 8 races of Blood Bowl 2 to make – despite a modest size – a triumphal entry. Their beards freshly trimmed and their Bugman’s Beer mug locked to their belt, the Dwarfs finally enter the pitch of their newly inaugurated stadium! One thing is for sure: they’re definitely not here to play the ball, and the Human team who have the honour (or misfortune) to face them first will certainly testify to that.

Get ready for beards, beards, beards… and some uber-tough little dudes ready to take the ball downfield and remove whoever or whatever is in their way. The dwarves of Warhammer make their first appearance in the sequel to Cyanide Studios’ and Focus Home’s Blood Bowl. The newest adaptation of the tabletop classic is looking ready for the big game in more than a few ways, including an all-new announce system and some massively beefed up graphics.

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So far, we’ve met the human and orkish teams with the dwarves making three. Both the classic and rebooted versions that appeared form Cyanide a few years back had plenty more though, so don’t fret if your favorite group of gridiron warriors haven’t been announced as of yet, as they’ll more than likely show up when the game hits E3 next week.

As for a kickoff date, Blood Bowl II doesn’t have one just yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as one’s announced.

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