New campaign trailer for Call of Duty Vanguard shown at gamescom 2021

New campaign trailer for Call of Duty Vanguard shown at gamescom 2021

Call of Duty has dominated the multiplayer first-person shooter scene for a long time now, which makes sense considering how enjoyable the core gameplay is. But after so many sequels and Activision’s current excessive focus on the IP, it remains hard not to feel at least a little resentful toward the franchise. It doesn’t help that many of the series’ single-player campaigns stick to the same World War II setting. The upcoming Call of Duty Vanguard has no intention of breaking this tiresome trend. Those who have not grown tired of World War II in Call of Duty, however, will likely enjoy the new Vanguard campaign trailer shown at today’s Opening Night Live show.

Clocking in at under ten minutes, the new trailer reveals extensive footage of the Stalingrad level in the single-player campaign. Much of the trailer consists of the player character carefully trudging through dilapidated buildings before tense firefights suddenly break out. The last third of the trailer has a brief moment of calm where the player character roams around the buildings and streets of Stalingrad under broad daylight. This calm section does not last, though, as the player character soon has to run from a relentless bombing raid.


The campaign’s premise

Call of Duty Vanguard‘s campaign sees players controlling four soldiers who hail from different nations that formed the Allied powers back during World War II. Players follow these four soldiers’ journeys as they fight their way through four separate theaters of World War II.

Clearly, a sizable audience still exists for the Call of Duty franchise, and this new Vanguard trailer will give that playerbase quite a bit of new footage to appreciate. But considering both the incredibly concerning allegations against Activision and the fact that Activision is stifling the creative potential of its studios by assigning all of them to work on the Call of Duty franchise, many will probably want to avoid supporting this new game.

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