New dungeons and more added to Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles has gotten brand new content pack, dubbed The Warmaker Sanctuary. Fun com says it includes the deadliest dungeon yet.

The Warmaker arrives

Originally released last year (in final retail form), Conan Exiles has been supported in some major ways by Funcom. Fans have been treated to major updates, all of which have been free.

The latest drop of content includes maybe the coolest stuff yet, with a boatload of new additions today, that make up The Warmaker’s Sanctuary.

The DLC is named after a newly created dungeon, which the publisher says is the deadliest yet for the open-world survival title. Way more than just that though, the pack has just about a little of everything in store for intrepid gamers.

  • New dungeon: The Warmaker’s Sanctuary
  • Population revamp of faction capitals and caves 
  • New loot and recipes 
  • Temperature system update 
  • Agility and Survival attributes have been buffed 
  • Increased stack sizes for some resources 
  • Various balance changes 
  • A host of bugfixes

Free to download and add onto your copy of Exiles, The Warmaker’s Sanctuary is available now for the PC. Xbox One and PS4 editions of the DLC are on the way too, though those don’t have release dates just yet.

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