New Fantastic Four trailer shows more story, all four heroes, and Doom

Director Josh Trank’s sci-fi take on the classic Marvel Comic is looking better and better with every trailer.

I was as far from being in this movie’s camp as possible before the trailers started hitting, but now with this new look at the film, I’m thinking it’s on the way to being pretty awesome. Trank’s science fiction take on the characters and their corner of the Marvel Universe is really coming off well, and the whole thing just ‘fits’ in that same way that Zack Snyder’s sci-fi take on Superman did. It actually reminds me a lot of that so far, which maybe is why I like it so much.

We not only got our first look at some action scenes in this new trailer, but we also got a peek at Dr Doom’s new look. Honestly, it looks a lot like… Dr Doom, which is great. I don’t know what I was expecting exactly, but I’m glad that Doom will have much of his traditional look, including his cape and hood, in the film. I do wonder what his set of powers will be though, and if his origin is wholly tied into the FF’s birth and the negative zone. We’ll see I guess.

Fantastic Four hits theaters later this year, on August 7th.

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