New Final Fantasy XIV Online ‘Starter Guide Series’ is now available

New Final Fantasy XIV Online 'Starter Guide Series' is now available

When it comes to MMOs, two of the biggest games in the genre right now are World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV. Gamers may have heard players praise the latter and felt curious enough to try it for themselves, only to feel overwhelmed and intimidated by its various systems and mechanics. Square Enix now has a solution. The Japanese developer has seen fit to create a new starter guide series for new players to Final Fantasy XIV.

The new starter guide series offers “early tips and tricks for new players adventuring through the ever-expanding realm of Eorzea for the first time in order to get the most out of their adventure.” Smartly, the guide series is presented from the eyes of a new player called Kaz and his mentor figure Mayra. The full series is seven episodes long and covers things like character creation, dungeons, and basic game mechanics.


One episode at a time

This guide series likely comes as a welcome and ideal surprise for players who have struggled to get into Final Fantasy XIV. The entire series seems worth a watch, as each video is relatively short, but you can also just skip to the videos that have most relevance for you.

The episodes cover a variety of topics. The first one goes over character creation, as well as the world map and different types of quests that are available in Eorzea. This should help new players avoid feeling lost from the onset. Episode 2 talks about class quests that start unlocking at level 10 and the open-world encounters called FATEs. The third episode is all about organizing inventory and using the Recommended Gear feature. It also takes Kaz to the Hall of the Novice so he can learn about party combat and try a new gear set.

The final three episodes cover some of the more interesting aspects of the game. Episode four is about forming a light party using the Duty Finder and taking on a dungeon. It explains how dungeon rewards are provided via Greed, Need, and Pass systems. The fifth episode goes over the boss battle and Grand Companies, as well as unlocking a personal Chocobo mount once reaching level 20. Finally, episode six serves as a recap and teaser for other features available in the free trial of the game.

The starter guide series for Final Fantasy XIV Online is available to watch on the official Square Enix YouTube channel.

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