New Hiya Toys Aliens, Predator, and Robocop ready for pre-order

More new announcements from Hiya Toys this week, as a brand new round of Aliens, Predators, and a Robocop figure all hit pre-order.

Movie classics

Three of the biggest, most long-lived movie series’ all get new figures this week from Hiya Toys. All set in the usual 1/18th scale, the four figures all hit the pre-order phase as of yesterday and include Aliens, Predators, and a Robocop, spanning a total of four movies.

The Predators (there are two) hail from Alien vs Predator and Predators. The AvP figure is Scar, which looks to be a nice bulky figure. Falconer, From Predators, might be the roller of the two though since he’s cloaked. So of course, he’s cast in a cool translucent plastic.

The Robocop figure continues Hiya’s trip back through the failed reboot from a few years ago. Say what you want about the movie (I definitely have), but the design was kind of cool. And this figure shows off the battle damaged version of rebooted-Robo.

As for the Alien, that one goes way back. Nope, this one is not from any recent film, but the one that started it all. The Big Chap hails from the 1979 original, and is looking incredible here.

All of the above are again cast in the 1/18th scale, and all have $19.99 USD price tags attached. If you buy one (or all) from the links above, from Entertainment Earth, BrutalGamer will get a small commission.

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