New Hobbit figures join The Bridge Direct lineup

There’s quite a bit more in the way of action figures on the way this Fall for fans of The Hobbit. The Bridge Direct has just taken the wraps off of a pair of new offerings- one’s a vile orc, while the other is an… odd… wizard.

Gandalf’s pal and champion rabbit charioteer Radagast the Brown has joined the collector line of toys based on Peter Jackson’s new movie trilogy. The second figure revealed today Yazneg the orc.

The Bridge has two separate lines of toys based on the new movies with 3&3/4 and 6″ figures. Both of today’s unveilings are of the latter variety, though both lines will continue going forward. Both are worth your time too if you’re a fan of Middle-earth, or are just into fantasy characters. They’re done extremely well overall with some very nice sculpts and pain applications. And as a nice little bonus, the 6″ figures will blend in nicely among Toy Biz’ Lord of the Rings toys from a few years back on your shelf too.

These two fellas will be available some time this Fall, but the first run of The Hobbit figures from The Bridge Direct is on store shelves now. (get the goblin king, he’s awesome… and obese)

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