New League of Legends champion, Vex, gets gameplay trailer

New League of Legends champion, Vex, gets gameplay trailer

League of Legends developer Riot Games dropped a gameplay trailer for its upcoming champion, Vex. And what a grumpy character she is. Vex is a Yordle, like Teemo or Veigar, and it appears from the trailer that she wants nothing to do with life aside from lazing around or sleeping (so very true). She’s also joined by a friend — her sentient Shadow — in the gameplay trailer, and the pair wrecks havoc against unsuspecting, more cheerful foes.

The amusing trailer pits Vex against many happy champions in the game, such as the nature-loving Ivern and the carefree Zoe. But despising all things happy, Vex goes in for the attack. (Amumu finally makes a friend too, as Vex finds his personality traits of “sad” and “dead” appealing.)


Yordle squad

Vex is the game’s first Yordle character since Gnar was released in 2014, and it appears she’ll play as some sort of aggressive burst mage like Lissandra. We don’t know the exact details of her ability, but the trailer showcased enough so we can take a guess on what they’ll do.

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One of her abilities casts her Shadow as a projectile towards a targeted direction. The Shadow initially moves very slowly but picks up speed near the end. Another one of her abilities seems to mark enemies before pulling at their shadows, fearing them when they get close. (It’s hard to tell what applies the mark, exactly.) One of her strongest-looking abilities is a large portal that fears enemies if they stay inside it too long. Finally, what looks like her Ultimate launches her Shadow in a targeted direction far away, teleporting Vex to wherever Shadow lands. It looks like she has multiple teleports as well, as she’s seen hopping from target to target across a large area.

With the official Vex reveal, it shouldn’t be long until she makes it onto League of Legends officially. You can check out the official gameplay trailer below:

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