New PUBG game will release by 2022, expanding its universe

New PUBG game will release by 2022, expanding its universe

It seems that the battle royale arena is not just where PUBG wants to play. It has been clear for some time now that the parent company behind the breakout shooter has been looking to expand its universe, however, we have not had much clarity on that front for quite some time. Last year’s reveal of The Callisto Protocol could be one of the new areas PUBG is expanding into, but something else is in the pipeline. It appears that a brand new PUBG-related game will be launching on both PC and consoles next year. Mobile will also get another battle royale from the company in 2021.

These new developments come via a new report by Bloomberg. The news about PUBG and its expanding universe came to light as part of a profile into Krafton CEO Kim Chang-han. If you were unaware, Krafton Inc. is the holding company behind Bluehole, PUBG Corp, and Striking Distance, all of which are studios working in the PUBG universe.

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With Krafton planning an initial public offering later this year, it makes sense for the company to leverage its most valuable property yet. A new PUBG game will clearly boost the profile of the company even more. The quoted figure of $27.2 billion is likely to increase if everything goes according to plan.

All fronts covered

In addition to the gaming space, an animated production is also in the pipeline, as well as a web cartoon. Acquisitions of assets in these spaces are also being considered by Krafton.

New Pubg Game Will Release By 2022, Expanding Its Universe (2)

The success of the battle royale is undoubted. PUBG has sold more than 70 million copies across consoles and PC. Its mobile performance is even more impressive. Downloads for the mobile battle royale now exceed 600 million.

PUBG is currently in the midst of Season 10, with more new developments expected to come to the game. That and more are expected as the PUBG universe begins to take shape.

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