New Sacred 3 trailer shows that bigger is definitely better

When it comes to the spoils of war and trophies taken from adventuring, there’s really no beating a big stone lawn statue.

Nicely fitting with the Sacred vibe, Sacred 3 looks to be high fantasy with all the right levels of snark thrown in for good measure. According to publisher Deep Silver, the game’s four heroes will have the same goal… but very different motivations. Basically, all of them want to be the hero of Ancaria and none of them would mind showing up their companions to do it.

Competitive co-op isn’t something that you see all that much these days, so I’m personally pretty excited to see that- and I’m pretty sure all it took for Sacred fans to get pumped was seeing the title. If either of those descriptions fit you, then mark your calendars for August 5th, as that’s when Sacred 3 launches on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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