New SteelSeries Stratus pad announced for Windows and Android

SteelSeries has an all-new Stratus controller set for launch for both Windows PCs and Android handsets.

Well, if you’re looking for a neato controller for your Android-powered device or PC, you may have just found it. SteelSeries has made a habit as of late of producing some very cool gaming peripherals and the new Stratus XL pad looks like it fits that description nicely.

Built to mirror the best in a console controller, the pad connects via Bluetooth and comes complete with 8 way d-pad, clickable analog sticks, analog triggers and more. The Stratus XL also features LEDs for player indication, and a trip of center controls, for navigation as well as Big Picture Mode control. It’s also got a very generous 40 hours of play time on it’s required AA batteries.

The controller makes use of XInput from Microsoft to function and supports the SteelSeries Engine software suite as well, which lets you personalize the pad to your heart’s content. Joystick settings, sensitivity levels, and even axis inversion are all a part of the deal.

SteelSeries promises that you’ll be able to use this bad boy with plenty of titles too, across multiple platforms, citing the likes of “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt… Grand Theft Auto V, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Outlast, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Killing Floor 2, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, and ARK: Survival Evolved“.

You’ll be able to get your mitts on a SteelSeries Stratus XL next month, as the units releases in July and will cost you $59.99 USD. You can order up for yourself, or just keep track of it’s status, right here on the official site.

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