New Styx screens land ahead of E3

That nasty little goblin out to plunder the Tower of Akenash in Styx: Master of Shadows has swiped a trio of new screens for you.

Set to be shown in greater detail at the E3 show in just about five days time now, Styx: Master of Shadows is looking like it might be a pretty great time. I can’t think of too many other games that cast the player as a master thief/assassin, who also happens to be a goblin after all. As you can see in the screen above too, Styx thieves in style.

Developed by Cyanide, Styx: Master of Shadows is a straight-up, unapologetic stealth title that will have the title character facing floor after floor of the Tower of Akenash in pursuit of the Amber that promises untold riches for anyone who possesses it. You’ll have to be extra careful as you make your way up the structure too, as any hints to your presence will set off the elven and human guards, and Styx won’t fare all that well against too many of those.

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Get set to see plenty more on Styx: Master of Shadows as we head into E3 next week, and then watch out for the little guy as he’s scheduled to hit the PC at on as yet undisclosed date. Sneaky little gobby that Styx…

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