New Super Luigi U gets trailer

Nintendo showcases more gameplay for New Super Luigi U.

With the release date of New Super Luigi U only a few weeks away, Nintendo gives players more footage and information regarding the new game. The trailer starts off explaining the differences between New Super Luigi U and New Super Mario Bros U, beginning with how the two brothers control differently. Luigi has very little traction, but a high jump, whereas Mario has more control and a lower jump.

The trailer then goes on to introduce the new playable character Nabbit, who was previously seen in New Super Mario Bros U. Originally you had to chase him through levels, but now he’s here to help Luigi on his own quest. What’s particularly helpful about him is the fact that he cannot take damage when touching other enemies. The only real downside to using Nabbit is his inability to collect power ups.

The other new features that are described in the trailer are the time limit as well as all new levels in the game. You have 100 seconds to clear levels, so you’ll have to be a little more skilled to make your way through New Super Luigi U. Players will also be treated to 82 entirely new levels, and they all seem to have a chock-full of interesting new challenges.

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New Super Luigi will be available June 20th for digital download and August 25th on disc.

Source: Siliconera

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