New superhero comedy The Hyperions debuting next month from The Daily Wire

New superhero comedy The Hyperions debuting next month from The Daily Wire

That Daily Wire? That’s right, the conservative outlet is branching out in a big way with films, picking up The Hyperions for domestic release.

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If you’ve missed the moving and shaking that The Daily Wire has been up to, you’ve missed quite a bit. The conservative news/opinion outlet has been moving into a new territory, that of feature films.

The initiative had so-far produced announcements of a trio of movies, with Run Hide Fight, as well as the upcoming Terror on the Prairie (with Gina Carano), and the newly released Shut In. That latter film received accolades from both critics and viewers, and the company has followed it up with another reveal.

That, of course, is The Hyperions, a superhero comedy starring the legendary Cary Elwes, as well as Penelope Mitchell, Tanner Buchanan, Elaine Tan, and Alphonso McAuley.

Starring Cary Elwes (“The Princess Bride”), “The Hyperions” tells the story of Professor Ruckus Mandulbaum who, in 1960, invented the Titan badge device that allows humans to have superpowers. The ingenious professor took three scrappy youths and turned them into a family of quirky superheroes — the Hyperions. The quartet soon became a global phenomenon.

Over time, though, the group had a falling-out and Professor Ruckus replaced the three original Hyperions with a cadre of new teens. By 1979, two of the Hyperions wanted their Titan badges back and went through great lengths to recover them, including robbing the professor’s museum and inadvertently taking a few hostages along the way. 

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The Hyperions will debut exclusively on The Daily Wire’s subscription service, landing on March 10th, 2022. International fans can catch the flick as well, thanks to Archstone Entertainment. No word yet on a date for that global release.

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