New The Walking Dead game shambling onto mobiles

July 29, 2014
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The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land takes the apocalypse mobile with a game that focuses on the property’s ‘human’ elements.

While the details for this one are scarcer than health insurance in a zombie-outbreak, developer Next Games has announced that much of what you love about AMC’s television adaptation of the comic book will be present and accounted for. There’ll be a heavy emphasis on choice and doing what you have to to survive in Robert Kirkman’s bleak world, which is most definitely one of the highlights of the better game adaptations to come along.

No Man’s Land is being called “first-of-its-kind game” by the developer too, so chances are you’ll find some new and interesting gameplay elements here when things do get a little better fleshed out. As to when you can expect this mobile-exclusive game to hit tablets and smartphones, Next Games says it’s targeting the mid-season premier for the show, which’d place it at the start of the year.

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