New thinksound headphones tout teensy eco-footprint

Headphone maker thinksound’s newest are high grade, eco-friendly beauties- and on the way to the UK for the first time.

I wasn’t all that familiar with thinksound, but I have to give it to them- these are some really nice looking ‘phones. Complete with call and music control on the cable, an “ultra-lightweight design”, and the promise of “audiophile” level sound, these headphones really sound pretty great… uh, pardon the pun.

The hook with the ts02+mic’s though isn’t the sound alone- it’s also that they have an eco-footprint that’s almost nonexistent. The headphones themselves are wood (which provides for a nice sound and I personally think is pretty awesome) and the cables are totally PVC free. Even the packaging is eco-friendly.

But even with all that ‘eco’, they’re no slouch in the performance department. The headphones boast an “acoustically enhanced” 8mm driver set into a wood housing that’s actually sourced from sustainable supplies. Pretty cool.

“The ts02+mic is an amazing headphone. We have improved comfort, packaging and the overall sound,” stated Aaron Fournier, President and CEO of thinksound™. “This is one of the best sounding audio products I have ever worked on.”

The ts02+mic is compatible with the full line of iPhones, iPads, and iPods; and will also work just fine with most Blackberry’s and other makes of smartphone. It’s available now in silver/cherry or black/chocolate and includes four different sizes of earbuds and a carry pouch (that’s big enough for your iPhone).

thinksound™now offers three different headphone models in the UK; the £99.99 ts02+mic in-ear 8mm high-definition headphone with integrated microphone and call control; the £89.99 ts02 in-ear 8mm high-definition headphone with passive noise isolation and the new £114.99 ms01 in-ear 8mm high-definition monitor with passive noise isolation and enhanced bass. Both ts02 models are available in silver/cherry or black/chocolate whilst the ms01 is available in gunmetal/chocolate.

Want a pair? Hit for more info or follow them on Twitter @thinksound for all the latest.

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