New Venom trailer shows off more action, symbiotes, and maybe Carnage?

Sony’s Tom Hardy-starring, superhero action film Venom is coming along nicely. This latest trailer has more of pretty much everything.

Symbiotic action

There is way more action in the latest look at the Venom movie than we’ve seen previously. And you might have heard, that also includes an actual symbiote fight. It’s the alien that Venom is fighting against though, that’s still a mystery. Though he kinda/sorta looks like he might be… Carnage.

Check him out starting at 2:14

So? What did you think? Is Venom getting you pumped for Sony’s take on the classic Marvel villain/anti-hero? Honestly, I think the movie is looking pretty good, and that’s even with a few issues that I have. I love the tone of it primarily, and it’s hard to not admit that Venom himself is looking great.

Yeah I know that he doesn’t have the spider emblem, but if you think about it that’d make no sense if he did. Remember that this version of the character hasn’t even met the movie version of Spider-Man. So there’s no reason that he’d have that famed spider-symbol. Personally, and this is just my own thought on it, I’m thinking he might “see” Spidey at some point when he gets back to NYC. Maybe the flick might end with a reveal of sorts? I’d love to see that anyway.

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For now though, it’s looking good. Even with the changes, it seems like it might be a flick that could make fans happy (fingers crossed). As for the Carnage element, well it kind of does look like the homicidal Venom baddie, doesn’t it? I know he’s the wrong color, but the physical makeup of that mystery symbiote looks very familiar. We’ll see I guess.

Venom opens in theaters this October the 5th.

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