New Walgreens-exclusive Kingdom Hearts figures arrive

Kingdom Hearts fans continue to have a great 2019, as another fresh dose of KH action figures arrive at Walgreens. As usual, these are exclusive offerings.

The Kingdom expands

There’s no shortage of Kingdom Hearts stuff out there right now. With KH3 landing on consoles, the deluge of collectibles has commenced at full speed. That’s a great place to be if you’re a big fan. The series of games doesn’t usually see all that much in the way of stuff to buy, after all.

Along with series’ of general release Kingdom Hearts figures, vinyls, and more, DST has a new assortment of Walgreens exclusive toys. These figures won’t be found elsewhere, and are single boxed figures, so no two-packs here.

Officially series 2.5, the new line includes:

  • Sora in his Drive Form, a unique color scheme exclusive to this assortment
  • A Dusk — one of the Heartless Nobodies
  • Donald Duck with side characters Chip and Dale, Disney’s lovable chipmunks.
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Also revealed this week is a look at the wave 3 exclusive figures in Timeless River Pete and Tron-influenced Goofy and Sora. Check them out below, though there’s no release date yet on that upcoming series.

Diamond Select Toys also reminds fans that the first few waves, including “Pluto (Series 1), Final Form Sora (Series 1.5), Birth By Sleep Mickey (Series 1.5) and Timeless River Sora (Series 2)” are floating around out there right now.

Whether or not you can find them, that’s another story.

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