New Warframe expansion The Duviri Paradox announced for April

Warframe The Duviri Paradox Expansion Kaithe Landscape

Earlier today, developer Digital Extremes hosted its latest dev stream for its nearly decade-old juggernaut of an online RPGWarframe. Much of this stream focused on The Duviri Paradox, a brand new open-world expansion for Warframe that differs substantially from previous DLC. This expansion will release sometime in April, so fans won’t need to wait long at all to see how much it alters the Warframe formula. Naturally, the developer showcased a brief teaser trailer to accompany the announcement, with another, more substantial trailer arriving later this month. Despite the short length, fans will likely enjoy the trailer’s theatrical imagery and dramatic background music.

A recent press release describes The Duviri Paradox as “a gritty, sci-fi story that follows the Drifter stuck in a massive color-changing and reality-fractured world.” The expansion sees the Drifter exploring this reality alongside the horse-like Kaithe and the Warframes to confront a new Child King ruler. Named Dominus Thrax, this ruler cycles through different moods every day, including Happiness, Anger, Fear, Sadness, and Envy. These moods alter the colors of the scenery as well as the behavior of the denizens and enemies.

Warframe: The Duviri Paradox trailer and gameplay details

Taking place in the world of Duviri, the expansion boasts an enhanced melee system, a new Decree system, and a host of other features. When starting the expansion, players can pick from three game modes: The Circuit, The Duviri Experience, and The Lone Story. The Circuit comes in the form of “a new Warframe Only endless game mode,” whereas The Duviri Experience and The Lone Story provide “a full open world adventure” and “a solo narrative experience,” respectively.

While progressing through The Duviri Paradox expansion for Warframe, players can access an area called The Undercroft. A space free from Dominus Thrax’s control, The Undercroft lets players enjoy custom Warframe arenas and provides an opportunity to bring color back to Duviri.

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