New We Were Here Forever launch trailer finally reveals gameplay footage

New We Were Here Forever launch trailer finally reveals gameplay footage

In March, developer Total Mayhem Games unveiled its latest project, dubbed We Were Here Forever, through a brief cinematic trailer. This co-op puzzle game marks the latest in the We Were Here series of games that has existed since 2017. Since the announcement of We Were Here Forever, the developers have remained reluctant to show off concrete gameplay footage, but that changes today. Not only does the new We Were Here Forever trailer showcase over a minute’s worth of gameplay for the first time, but it also reconfirms the official release date of May 10, a mere five days from now.

According to a press release, We Were Here Forever represents a significant technical leap from its predecessors. The game features the most detailed graphics in the series so far, and it also boasts a larger world featuring all sorts of minor details in addition to around 22 challenging new puzzles. All in all, veterans of the series will likely spend over 12 hours on their first playthrough, which should more than justify the price tag.


What’s the game about?

As for the premise, it sees players exploring more of Castle Rock, the main location of the previous three games, and finding out about the history of Rockbury, which encompasses its inhabitants as well as “the escape plans of a resistance formed against the King.” As players make their way through a graveyard and “the dark waters of the Foundry,” they will uncover more details about this history.

In addition to the We Were Here Forever gameplay reveal, the developers also promised to upload the final two episodes of Were Were Here Stories: Chronicles of Castle Rock, a live-action web series that explores some of the games’ lore, one day before the title’s release. In just a few days, fans of the We Were Here series will have plenty of new content to appreciate.

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