New World review in progress

New World review in progress

Venturing into the MMORPG genre is a tall order for a studio. Particularly one like Amazon Games, which is relatively new to the scene and had a bit of a shaky start. But after a few delays, it is stepping up to the plate with New World. The launch is well timed with many MMO fans, me included, looking for something new to sink their teeth, time, and money into. So, let’s review it and see if you should dive into New World, or watch the ship sail by and wait for the next one.

Note: I haven’t finished the game’s story yet or reached the maximum level of 60. I will update this review with my impressions and comments once I reach the New World endgame.


Welcome to Aeternum

New World is set on an island that’s lost in time. Once you arrive, there’s no leaving. Magical storms wreck any ship that sails the nearby waters. One of two things happens to people on the island, you either become immortal or you become one of the Withered. The Withered are basically mindless undead. As for the immortals, like your character, if you die, the island brings you back. I like that the respawn system is baked into the lore of the game.

The whole “curse that raises people from the dead” thing isn’t new, but it’s done in a way that hints at mysteries to uncover. I’m eager to learn more, although the 60 hours I’ve played so far have been uninspired. There’s a lack of tangible tension. Your character is happy to help everyone, and they seem to have no ambitions of their own. There’s no inner turmoil or passion that drives them. New World needs an injection of emotion to drive the narrative. I’m still hoping to meet a character that I can bond with. An Illidan Stormrage or Jaina Proudmoore.

While the story hasn’t gripped me, the gameplay certainly has. It’s engaging and a lot of fun. The sheer number of tasks for you to undertake is staggering. Even if the story turns out to be unrewarding, you won’t be bored in New World.

Aeternum Is Beautiful

The world is gorgeous. It’s refreshing to play an MMORPG that doesn’t have visuals from the early 2000s. And with all the players running around completing quests, gathering materials, and fighting for control of the land, it feels alive. The sound design helps with this too. The constant sound of people chopping down trees, mining ore, and firing muskets in the distance is one of the most immersive features in New World.

Find yourself

At the beginning of the game, you wash up on the shores of Aeternum in one of four starting locations. These areas are where you’ll learn the basics of combat, collecting, and crafting. The early stages of New World are beginner-friendly and allow you the freedom to try all the different weapons available in the game. Each weapon has unique skills that you can unlock by wielding them in battle. Your weapons combined with your attributes are what define your playstyle. They are essentially your class in New World, so you’ll want to try them all. The system is similar to The Elder Scrolls Online but with some tweaks that make it more flexible.

New World Weapon Skills

Up until level 20, you can swap your attributes for free. And you never lose the progress you make on various weapon trees. So you can try diving into strength and wielding heavy two-handed weapons, like the great axe and hammer, or you can invest in intelligence and take on the role of mage. I particularly enjoyed this early freedom to explore my options. And I enjoyed many of them. The rapier and spear were my favorites. Although, early on I loved the sword and shield. After level 20, it costs gold to change your attributes, but it still isn’t overly expensive. I’ve already done it three times.

I thoroughly enjoy theorycrafting new builds in New World. They’re not overly complex, so it’s not inconceivable for a casual player to create their own builds. You don’t need to look up and follow meta builds. Anything will work just fine. Some builds are better, but you’ll quickly be able to tell if your build works well or not. There is no wrong way to play New World. I can’t stress that enough. It’s very comforting to know that anything you do to your character that impacts gameplay can be undone or changed.

The battle rages

Your first major milestone is choosing a faction. You need to choose between Marauders, Covenant, and Syndicate. These three factions are all fighting for control of the island. The map is divided into zones and the factions can literally control them. A Company, which is New World’s guilds, will claim the zone for the faction and then get to run it like a land baron. They can set taxes, upgrade the towns, and declare war when the time comes. You can undertake faction missions to undermine enemy-held territories or bolster your own. It’s a dynamic system that adds another element to the liveliness of the game.

Aeternum Map

New World has a strong focus on PvP. It wants you to get sucked into the battle for the island. However, if you prefer to leave your PvP turned off and simply want to enjoy the PvE elements of the game, you can do so. You really don’t need to get involved in the island-wide battle until you’re ready. I enjoy the PvP and often leave town with it enabled. It makes questing and exploring more exciting because at any moment I may be fighting another player for my life. Although, doing it alone is dangerous. I’ve been slaughtered a few times by a group of roaming Syndicate and Covenant. I have far more success when I team up with friends or other Marauders.

Go about your business

As I mentioned, there is a lot for you to do in New World. Aside from the main quests, you can help your faction or individual towns, battle corruptions that spawn randomly around the map, delve into dungeons (called Expeditions), and master the numerous arts of the crafting system. You can even purchase houses in the towns, which you can kit out however you like. Houses also provide a few benefits like fast travel and storage.

New World Housing

The town and faction missions are things you’ll always have going on in the background. They are a bit repetitive, but you do them as you get sent to certain areas for the game’s main and side quests. So, it’s not something that bothered me. The side quests in the four starting zones are too similar, though. More variety would have helped distinguish the zones from one another. I think Amazon missed an opportunity to create some standout characters here. You’ll also notice a lot of reused assets for buildings and caves around the map. It’s not jarringly bad, but it’s a little disappointed when you notice.

The early dungeons are not particularly challenging. If you meet the level requirements and have a decent healer, you’ll be able to hack and slash your way through them without much thought. I’d like to be confronted by tougher mechanics that require individual ability and teamwork. Maybe the higher-level dungeons will be more engaging.

New World Expidition

As for the crafting system, it is detailed, but not overly complex. I love it. There’s an abundance of resources to gather out in the world, and I often struggle to stop gathering. I haven’t used much of the gear I have crafted, but I do find the potions and feed incredibly useful.

To be continued

Even as I’m writing this review, I’m itching to hop back into New World to play more. I’ve got the craving that I had when I first played World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2. I’ll probably change my build again in the next few hours. A high-level enemy player will definitely kill me. But there’s so much to experience and I find myself constantly wanting more.

I’ll be updating this review shortly with my impressions of the New World endgame and my thoughts on its longevity.

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