Next Hitman 3 update adds ray tracing with new system requirements

Next Hitman 3 update adds ray tracing with new system requirements

Ray tracing, DLSS and FSR support are coming to Hitman 3 on May 24 via Patch 3.110. With this update, every level in the World of Assassination trilogy will take advantage of this new feature, and PC players will finally be able to check it out. Earlier today, IO Interactive released an update that covers the system requirements needed to use ray tracing in Hitman 3.

Ray tracing is very intensive for most machines, and you’ll often need to tone down other settings to maintain high frame rates. Luckily, IO Interactive has provided an updated list of system requirements for those that want to check their specs. If you want Hitman 3 to look its best, you’ll need a beefy rig. It’s also good to see FSR support arrive as an alternative to DLSS.


Hitman 3‘s ray tracing system requirements

IO Interactive’s post lists a minimum hardware requirement, as well as a recommended setup. The minimum requirement suggests you have an RTX 2060 Super/RX 6600 XT, i5 10600K/Ryzen 5 5600X, and 8GB RAM. It’s not too strenuous of a requirement, but you likely won’t see great performance on high settings here. For recommended hardware, you’re looking at an RTX 3070/RX 6900 XT, i7 10700K/Ryzen 7 5800X, and 16GB RAM. With this you should be able to crank those settings up and still get good performance.

Hitman 3 ray tracing requirements

This post also has recommended settings for Hitman 3‘s different hardware requirements that would best complement ray tracing. On minimum hardware, set the resolution to 1080p, use DLSS or FSR, set adaptive supersampling to performance, and put reflection quality on medium. For the recommended hardware, set the resolution to 1440p, turn DLSS or FSR on, set supersampling quality to balanced and reflection quality to high. These settings should provide you with the best performance, provided you meet the stated system requirements.

What’s next for Hitman 3?

Hitman 3 players don’t just have ray tracing to look forward to. IO Interactive has a big year ahead planned for the game. A new map is coming sometime in June, and Freelancer is making its debut in the second half of 2022. Hitman 3 looks to be far from done, so be sure to take a look at the system requirements for ray tracing to make sure your PC can handle it.

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