Next month’s Iron Man #1 to have many, many (armors of Iron Man) covers

Expect a deluge of variant covers for Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 from Marvel Comics next month. A whopping 20 different versions of the book are slated to hit the racks.


Marvel Comics is at the very beginning of its Fresh Start. The Avengers are back. Thor is back. Captain America is back. And so, of course, Iron Man is back. More specifically, Tony Stark is back as Iron Man. It’s a move that completes Marvel’s Avenger triumvirate, and seems to be extremely welcome for most of the fans from the comments I’ve read.

And Marvel is going all in for it. The publisher didn’t go to these lengths for the currently available Avengers #1, but they are absolutely blasting the variant covers out for this one. Tony Stark: Iron Man #1  will have a monster 20 variants out on day one.

As variants go though, these are pretty cool. Each one will be adorned with one of Iron Man’s more popular or unique armors. There’s the Modular Armor (the best one), the Hulkbuster, the “classic” Armor, and even the Silver Centurion. Lots of great ones to pick from.

As I always feel the need to point out however, these covers don’t change the interior comic one bit. So all of them are windows dressing. Basically, pick which cover you like best and run with it. Or, if you’re a giant Iron-fan like our very own BG podcast host Erich, feel free to buy ’em all.

The full slate of these will be available on launch day for this first issue of the new Iron Man run. Expect that some time this June.

Here’s what the armory will include:

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