Night of the Living Deadpool #1 (Comics) Preview

Deadpool takes on a few legions of the undead in a tale from the Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, Deadpool Killustrated, and Deadpool Kills Deadpool trilogy.

After waking up from a pretty epic food coma, our hero finds himself in the middle of the zombie apocalypse! And Deadpool’s not the only one with a full belly – there’s plenty of brainless eating machines just looking for their next good meal! Nothing says “tasty meal” like a mutant who can re-grow his flesh!

Oh Wade, what will you get into next?

The character has definitely taken the Marvel fanbase by storm and shot right to the top of a list that includes some of the greatest characters in comics history. Originally from the pages of X-Force and created by artist Rob Liefeld, Deadpool has really caught on over the last decade- which is putting it mildly.

Now with a feature film waiting in the wings (maybe), a very successful monthly and numerous cameo appearances in tons of Marvel animated movies, books and games (including his own), ‘Pool seems to have a stranglehold on rampant popularity.

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Adding fuel to that fire is the trilogy of books that I mentioned above by Cullen Bunn- all of which are screwball comedies drenched in a mixture of action and insanity. Night of the Living Deadpool looks to be right there with them too.

Penciled in black & white (‘cept for the main merc), Night of the Living Deadpool is already looking plenty striking in the short preview that Marvel sent our way. Have a peek below, watch waste a ton of rotters, and then prepare to wait… Because Night of the Living Deadpool#1 doesn’t hit stands January from Marvel Comics and the creative team of Bunn, Ramon Rosnas and Jay Shaw (who did that slammin’ cover).

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