Ninja Cats vs Samurai Dogs coming to mobiles

Yes, that age old conflict of Ninja Cats and Samurai Dogs will finally see the light of day as a game from developer Eutechnyx.

A “lane strategy RPG”, which I’ll admit is a new one for me, Ninja Cats vs Samurai Dogs has a surprising amount of stuff going on.

Eutechnyx (who’s probably better known for racing games like Nascar and Auto Club Revolution) is making their first stab at the mobile scene with the felines vs canines title and they’re mixing genres with it like nobody’s business. Ninja Cats vs Samurai Dogs has tower defense elements, role-playing and strategy gaming. Set in an anthropomorphized feudal Japan, the cats and dogs will battle it out as not only warring species, but feudin’ guilds.

Look for more on the game soon from Eutechnyx as to platforms and availability. For now thug, just watch your back… those Ninja Cats are stealthy devils.

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