Nintendo first party sales up 52% says company

Yes it’s true that the Wii U hasn’t exactly been setting the world on fire, but it’s not all bad news for the Big N in 2013.

Four months (18 weeks)  into the year and the 3DS Nintendo has moved a pretty impressive 2.1 million physical copies of first party games for the portable. It becomes even more impressive when you consider that it took the console almost twice as long to sell that many games in 2012 (30 weeks).

Specifically pointed out as 3DS all-stars by the company are LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins which sold 94k copies and Luigi’s Mansion – Dark Moon which went ‘boo’ to the tune of 140k copies. In addition to that, the Wii U actually had a solid time as well with New Super Mario Bros U. The latest Mario title, and flagship game for the Wii U, sold a tidy 770,000 units (that’s both physical and downloadable combined). Not too shabby at all.

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The publisher also has more than a few big name titles on the way for the remainder of the year including Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D on May 24, Animal Crossing: New Leaf on June 9, and Mario and Luigi: Dream Team on Aug. 11. New Pokemon, Zelda and Mario Golf games are on the way for the 3DS too, which should make for a very nice year indeed for the handheld.

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