Nintendo indie showcase reveals Torchlight II, Ori, Superhot and more

There are a lot of independent games coming to the Nintendo Switch, including some big time series’, and some of them in short order.

Showing indie love

The Switch’s independent gaming catalog is no secret. The console has a ton of great titles now, and there’s no sign of that drying up anytime soon. Today Nintendo showcased that fact, with a great looking schedule of fresh titles.

Some of these are new games, while some are ports. But some of the ports sound great, like Torchlight II, a terrific (though aged) PC action RPG. Niche FPS title Superhot is coming up too, along with a Hotline Miami collection. Maybe the biggest news though, is that the formerly Xbox One exclusive Ori and the Blind Forest is hitting Switch as well.

As for the new games, there are some gems. Skellboy, Eastward, Freedom Finger, Skater XL and lots, lots more are all coming to Nintendo’s platform. If you’re a Switch owner, there’s a lot here to get excited over, and not all of it in the distance either.

A number of these will be seeing release this fall, including the aforementioned Ori and Freedom Finger. Check out the full presentation below, and a rundown of all the highlights.

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