Nintendo is working on a new console, codenamed the NX

Details are nearly nonexistent, but there will be a new Nintendo console talked about sometime soon, and it’s codenamed the NX.

Basically, the NX (or whatever it’ll eventually be called) is being talked about here in the early goings because Nintendo has entered into the mobile space, which we posted about earlier today. It kind of sounds like the company doesn’t want anyone thinking that they’re going third-party just because they’re going to start publishing (with DeNA) games for mobiles. It’s a smart move, since that series of events has been something that pundits and fans both have talked about quite openly in the last few years, while Nintendo has been stumbling.

Motivations aside, Nintendo has announced that the NX is in development right now, and that it’s “a dedicated game platform with a brand new concept”. What that means exactly is anyone’s guess, but the company does have a reputation of trying new things with its hardware, so chances are they’re cooking something interesting up to succeed the beleaguered Wii U.

A word of warning if you’re hoping that you’ll be hearing more about the NX at E3, well chances are that you won’t. This announcement is just to keep people from talking about Nintendo’s exit from first-party status, and that’s all. The company says they won’t be talking more about any new consoles till 2016.

Source: MCV

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