Nocturne, here are the gaming shows of Netflix Geeked Week 2022

Nocturne, here are the gaming shows of Netflix Geeked Week 2022

Geeked Week wraps up today, having brought new announcements and trailers for video game shows coming to Netflix in 2022 and beyond. Netflix finally unveiled the next Castlevania series, called Castlevania: Nocturne, which stars Richter Belmont. Sonic Prime just got big, and The Cuphead Show is getting new episodes — for reasons.

Ultimately, we can’t have it all. One show revealed during Geeked Week last year was strangely absent. I’m talking, of course, about the Splinter Cell animated series. While just about everything from last year has come out, from The Witcher season two to Arcane, not a grizzled chin hair of Sam Fisher was shown. It’s a shame, but at least there are some interesting gaming shows confirmed for Netflix. Let’s get to it.


Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

While most gaming shows got new info and trailers today, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners got a trailer earlier in the week. The show delves deeper into the Cyberpunk universe to share new stories with fresh characters. It doesn’t have an exact release date yet, but expect it to premier this September.

Resident Evil – Official Trailer

If you’re not a fan of giant spiders (sorry, Tim), then you might want to take a rain check on this one. The Resident Evil series is heading to Netflix on July 14, telling a different kind of story based on the second game of the franchise. It apparently hops around in time, showing the before, during, and after of the Raccoon City tragedy.

The Cuphead Show! — New episodes

The Cuphead Show! returns with more episodes. It stars Cuphead, his brother Mugman, and Ms. Chalice, who will make her game debut in the upcoming DLC. While initial impressions of the show seemed mixed, it apparently performed well enough to justify more episodes. And this time, we’ll see more bosses for the trio to tackle.

Castlevania: Nocturne

Last year, Netflix announced that another Castlevania series was on the way. The original series ran for three seasons, and was regarded as being, well, pretty damn excellent. There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the next Netflix iteration, which was revealed today as Castlevania: Nocturne. It is set many years following the last series, with Richter Belmont, and is set in France during the French Revolution. The trailer today was short, but we get a look at Richter sporting the famous Vampire Killer whip.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood – Season 3 announced

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood was confirmed for a third season without a trailer. Some surmise that this will be the final season of the show, which debuted in March of 2021. Dragon’s Blood Book 3 is scheduled to premier on Netflix starting on August 11.

Sonic Prime gets BIG

Earlier in the week, Sega confirmed that the animated Netflix series Sonic Prime will have the famous edgelord Shadow the Hedgehog join the ranks. However, today we found out that the greatest character of the Sonic universe is coming to the show. That’s right, Big the Cat and his buddy Froggy are in. Folks, this is the best time to be alive.

Tekken: Bloodline with Katsuhiro Harada

Tekken: Bloodline is scheduled to premier in 2022, but no solid date is known yet. However, you can learn more about the show straight from the mouth and sunglasses of Katsuhiro Harada, the famed director of Tekken 7. He chats about the characters of the show, while going over what he feels are his favorite scenes.

That’s a wrap

Even though Netflix is facing a major user exodus, there’s still a lot coming in the form of gaming shows. Sonic Prime, Tekken, and Castlevania: Nocturne all look like they could be impressive shows when they finally arrive on Netflix. Whether or not there’ll be enough users watching is a question for later. But for now, subscribers who are also gaming fans are set to feast.

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