Nordic Games teases The Raven with prequel comic

Check out an introduction to The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief, in an interactive graphic novel.


The free digital graphic novel is actually a prequel to the upcoming game and serves as a prequel to it. Featuring ’60s style artwork, the book introduces gamers/readers to master Parisian thief the Raven and his nemesis detective Nicolas Legrand.

“An Interactive Graphic Novel is the ideal way to introduce players to the main game in a way that is leisurely yet exciting so players can get a taste of what is to come from The Raven – Legacy of a Master Thief,” said Peter Hercher, Product Marketing Manager at Nordic Games. “It’s a free gift  from us at Nordic Games , that not  only keeps players in suspense of what is to come in The Raven but also provides a deeper understanding of who the Raven is, what motivates him and will help players piece together parts of the story that they’ll hear about when playing through the main game out this summer.”

Chapter 1 of The Raven- Legacy of a Master Thief will be available on Xbox Live and the PSN on July 23rd, with chapter 2 and 3 appearing on  August 27th and September 24th respectively. Also available now for the 1960’s era whodunnit is a Season Pass for $19.99 USD that nets you a savings on the full game (all 3 chapters) of 20% while The Raven is still in the preorder phase.

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You can get more info about that or preorder a copy here. And make sure you check out the prequel graphic novel which is available now right here for the PC, here on Android and here on iOS.

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