Not a dream

X-Men ’92 will put a 90s-animated spin on House of X this April

Marvel’s House of X has not only shaken up the X-Men, but completely upended the X-universe. And now it’s getting a 90s retro-adaptation.

Not a dream

One of the coolest things about Marvel’s 90s shows, aside from everything else, were the adaptations. Especially in the case of Spider-Man and X-Men, the shows revealed in bringing stories from the page to the small screen.

Of course, these were never the exact tales from the comics. The cartoon shows held different sensibilities after all, and often had different casts of characters. And that’s exactly what’s coming to the pages of X-Men ’92.

Cover art from David Baldeón

Marvel’s comic book adaptation of the classic ‘toon, X-Men ’92 will be returning to comic shelves, as a mini-series that will adapt House of X. Jonathan Hickman’s redefining story will be coming to the X-Men’s animated universe courtesy of writer Steve Foxe and artist Salva Espin.

Mutantkind is taking a huge leap forward by founding their own nation on the island of Krakoa, guided by Professor X, Magneto, and a mysterious long-lived woman who knows more than she should… But this won’t be the story you know. Expect the unexpected as the action, secrets, and high stakes drama that made HOUSE OF X such a masterpiece are shaken up in a totally new way!

Marvel Comics

So will the “90s” House of X bring the same tumult that the modern version did? If pervious animated-adaptations hold true, probably not, but this is still a pretty terrific idea that could make X-Men ’92: House of XCII a can’t miss of a series.

Catch issue #1 (of 5) when it hits the stands on April 6th, 2022.

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