Nothing can stop the Juggernaut

Not just another X-book, the new Juggernaut series features one of the best loved X-Men writers of all time, Fabian Nicieza.

Nothing can stop the Juggernaut

Is it just me, or is it kind of odd that Juggernaut has his own series? I mean, he’s one of the X-Men’s greatest villains, and now he’s become a kinda/sorta hero… I guess?

In any event, the opening of his new solo comic does not find him in a great mood. And with X-legend Fabian Nicieza at the helm, you know there’s going to be plenty of action to be had.

Announced in an exclusive interview with IGN, Fabian Nicieza will be launching a new Juggernaut series this May with artist Ron Garney! Amidst all the smashing, Juggernaut will be trying to find his new place in the Marvel Universe and the series will explore his outlook towards mutantkind’s new status quo that Jonathan Hickman introduced last year in HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X. 

“That basically instigates the entire story. Having been X and lost, what does Cain become now? After years of back and forth and madness and sadness, he had become a member in good standing of the X-Men, and then while he’s away dancing in Limbo, mutantkind gets everything they could have ever hoped for… and Cain can’t be a part of that,” Nicieza told IGN. “How he reacts to that rejection becomes the exploration of who he is going to become without the one thing that — for good and bad — has defined him for most of his life.”

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With Ron Garney attached as artist and Geoff Shaw providing the cover work, Juggernaut #1 charges onto shelves this May.

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