Nuketown goes boom in Black Ops 2 DLC trailer

Get some pre-order bonuses, see the homes of the future… and blow them up.

The Season Pass for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is up for pre-order now and includes the full 2013 ‘season’ of content for the game.

A total of four map packs are to be included in the set and will be bundled together at the $49.99 price point, which is lower that if you were to pick them up separately. Also in the package deal is a CoD ‘Calling Card’.

The Card is a unique item that shows off a player’s name, emblem, clan tag and ranking in multiplayer. While it might not be Earth-shattering, it is a pretty exclusive little item since it can’t be obtained any other way than by pre-ordering the DLC Season Pass.

Players looking to get a Pass for themselves can order it now for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Activision is working on the possibility of setting up a pass for the Wii U as well, but that’s still up in the air as of now.

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