Numskull teams with Bandai Namco for mini Galaga cab

The world of tiny arcade machines keeps getting bigger. Merch-maker Numskull is teaming with Bandai Namco for a 2nd unit, a Galaga machine.

Back to the heyday of arcades

Retro arcade is a theme that seems to be ever exploding as of late. With machines as small as the palm of your hand and as large as a full-size quarter-muncher, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

Wading into that fray is Bandai Namco, with the assistance of Numskull. Together they’ve launched a quarter-scale Pac-Man machine, and now have another ready for retail.

That new unit is a mini Galaga standup. Much like the Pac-Man machine, this new one is made to look as close to the original as possible, right down to the graphics on the side. And of course, it’s fully playable.

In addition to the above, five more announcements have been made this week. Both Ms. Pac-Man and Galaxian will be joining the series this November. Joining those some time in 2020 will be Track & Field, Dig Dug, and Space Invaders. So the classics are going to keep on rolling for the foreseeable future.

Probably not a bad idea to start figuring shelf space now.

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