Nvidia delivering “special address” at CES 2022

Graphics card supply shortages expected through 2022 by Nvidia CEO

When CES 2022 gets started in January, Nvidia will once again make its presence felt right away. Like last year, the company will present a virtual presentation to everyone online.

The presentation will feature GeForce Senior Vice President Jeff Fisher and Vice President and General Manager of Automotive Ali Kani. The two will go over the “latest breakthroughs” in both accelerated computing and autonomous vehicles, respectively. No other details were given about the presentation at the time of writing.


Will we get a new Nvidia GPU at CES 2022?

At last year’s CES, Nvidia used the stage to announce the release of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card. The RTX 3060 entered the market as the entry level offering in the RTX 30 Series family of graphics cards. A year later, many are expecting that to change.

Rumors, speculation, and even leaks have suggested that Nvidia is set to release an RTX 3050 GPU in the coming months. The RTX 3050, according to the latest speculation, will have a 4GB GDDR6 and 8GB GDDR6 offering with 2560 and 2304 CUDA cores, respectively. Should that come to fruition, it would replace the RTX 3060 as the lower-end option for gamers.

There has also been talk of an RTX 3090 Ti making the rounds. These rumors claim the beefier card will have a 21Gbps memory clock, 1008 GB/s bandwidth, 10752 CUDA cores, and 24GB of GDDR6X memory.

Without CEO Jensen Huang handling the presentation from the computing side of things, it’s hard to actually think we’ll get an announcement of a new GPU version from Nvidia at CES 2022. Of course, it’s possible there could be a surprise announcement, but one would imagine that Nvidia would tease it ahead of time to garner more interest. It’s also possible that Nvidia could opt for a surprise announcement to curb anticipation for the cards because of continuing stock shortages for all of its existing products.

PC Invasion will have full coverage of CES 2022 from January 4-8, including announcements from Nvidia, Intel, HP, and more.

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