NYCC 19: NECA debuts new Turtles figures

NECA didn’t have a huge display at NYCC last week, but what they did have was pretty great. That, of course, was some new TMNT figures.

Heroes in a half shell

It was nice to see NECA back at NYCC once more, and they had some really cool stuff on hand. What was there was mostly Turtles however, and the reveals all were.

Everything in the booth was based on the cartoon show, which is only one of the three TMNT lines that NECA has cooking. The company has a toon line, a video game line, and a movie line based on the original film.

That line is almost finished off I believe, since the remainder of the characters are heading to GameStop’s soon. The other two though, are still very much rolling.

What you see here is a mix of figures that have been announced, with a few that haven’t (like the Triceraton Commando).

Also, you’ll notice the street scene diorama that NECA makes, but also one that looks like the Technodrome control room. While it’s obviously something that was made just for the Cons, it definitely makes you wonder if there might be a second dio coming up.

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