NYCC 2014: Diamond booth tour

Have a look around the Diamond booth at some of the best stuff that’s on the way to Previews magazine, and eventually comic and specialty stores.

Diamond, other than making some of the coolest stuff around under the DST banner, also publishes the Previews magazines that you’ll usually be able to spot at your local comics shop (or LCS). Previews, if you’re unaware, is a treasure trove of toys, comics, graphic novels, and more that are on pre-offer and are pre-orderable. I used to make it a habit to pick up the massive mag every month when I was a kid and flip through it’s pages with gusto. Some months, it was actually more exciting to read through Previews than to read the week’s books I’d also grabbed at the store. It was that much fun, and that loaded with awesome stuff.

Here in the gallery below, you’ll see a smattering of what’s to come and get a little sense of what the magazine still offers today. We’ve got stuff from Marvel, DC, Transformers, TMNT, and one massive (and I mean massive) Titanfall toy that you’ve got to see to believe. Even if you’re not a fan of the game (I’m not), this thing’s flat-out amazing.

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Have a peek at what you’ll be able to buy sometime soon, and then make sure you ask your LCS when you’ll be able to pre-order all of it.

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