NYCC 2017: Sideshow booth tour includes MOTU, DC, Marvel, Star Wars

Get a peek at some of the awesome stuff that Sideshow brought to Comic Con last weekend.

Step right up…

Sideshow always has a crowd-pleaser of a booth at Comic Con’s, both east and west coast. NYCC this year saw a slightly smaller booth than I’m used to seeing from them, but it was pretty packed with cool stuff.

Chief among that, as a display of the company’s 12″ scale Marvel figures. As a comic fan first, and fan of the films second, I love this line. It was great to see that the upcoming Ghost Rider, Daredevil, and Thor figures are all shaping up to look great. Nice bonus too, the Ghosty fig has been bumped up a bit and should be shipping before too long.

Joining the above, was the new 12″ comic-based Batman and that awesome Star Wars Obi-Wan. If you missed our earlier post about that figure, then you need to check this one out. Fantastic stuff.

Hot Toys also had an impressive display on hand for Marvel’s movie slate and Star Wars. The company is carried by Sideshow, and makes a habit of producing some truly impressive stuff in terms of detail and quality.

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Dig that animated Boba Fett.

However, even with all the great figures, it’s the statues that make Sideshow Sideshow. And wow were there some excellent ones out there are NYCC. Red Sonja, Swamp Thing, Orko, and Voltron were amazing to see in person, and some others that we’ve seen before are still impressive.

Check out the rest of what was on hand below.

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