Odyssey dev diary dives deep into FPS combat

Odyssey dev diary dives deep into FPS combat

Following a short preview that gave us a glimpse into Elite Dangerous: Odyssey at The Game Awards 2020, the development team at Frontier Developments has more content to tease. In a new development diary, the team pulled back the curtain on first-person combat in the upcoming expansion. This particular Elite Dangerous: Odyssey dev diary differs from previous ones in that you actually can see the combat in action. Learning about mission design and the adventurous possibilities is good and all, but nothing beats real-time firefights and sci-fi weaponry.

With the game pulling you from the safety of your ship and plopping you down in vulnerable human form, things will feel different. Players will be going up against other humans, ships, and surface recon vehicles. The way combat unfolds, it can even start or end in space. By combining all these elements into the combat experience, it lends itself to more tactical gameplay opportunities. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, you never know what will be around the corner. It is this unpredictability that will provide fresh experiences for players.


Looks and sounds that kill

The Elite Dangerous: Odyssey dev diary also puts much attention on the sound design. Whether it be combat or exploration, the way things sound can give you clues about your surroundings. Of course, when the bullets and lasers start flying, sound will make a difference as well.

Your loadout will also affect how you approach situations. The suit you are wearing and the weapons you wield will change how you play. As for your weapons, they fit into three broad categories. You will have access to plasma weapons, laser weapons, and kinetic weapons. The different manufacturers will each give you a distinct feel, so you get to decide what is ideal for your playstyle.

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This particular Elite Dangerous: Odyssey dev diary definitely opened our eyes for what to expect in the moment-to-moment gameplay during combat. Combat looks like more than just shootouts between players. The scale of everything will be exciting to learn more about.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will arrive in early 2021.

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