Official first look at Terminator Genisys arrives

Yep, he’s back.

I’m as big a Terminator fan as anyone, but I just don’t know about this one. The film resets the timeline of the entire franchise and basically erases the first two Terminator movies, both of which are classics. True, it also chucks the dismal T3 out the window and the ‘meh’ Terminator Salvation’, but those first two movies are genre gold and on the top ten lists of all kinds of sci-fi fans.

Still though, this could be decent. It looks as though the new storyline is an interesting one and there are tons of new elements, including the Arnold Schwarzenegger as an aged Terminator who’s been protecting Sarah Connor her whole life. I have to say I like the effects on the new T-1000 too, who apparently has some new tricks up his sleeve, including lopping off parts of himself and playing lawn darts with them.

I guess I’ll remain optimistic for now, albeit cautiously so. Terminator Genisys lands in theaters on July 1st.

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