One dollar debuts on the way in May from Valiant Comics

Miss out on some of the debuts of Valiant Comics’ heroes when the universe relaunched last year? Pick up the first issues for only a buck a piece come this May.

Valiant’s relaunch as a company and comic book universe has been a successful one with genuinely new takes on heroes and some great modern sensibilities.

Now the company is prepping a series of reprints of the first issues of each of their currently standing books. Just in time for Free Comic Book Day 2013, you’ll find the inaugural issues of Shadowman, Archer & Armstrong, X-O MANOWAR, Harbinger, and Bloodshot on the racks at your local comic shop- and the best part is that each issue will only cost you a single American dollar.

There’ll also be a special shrink-wrapped five pack on hand for $4.95 that’ll net you all the books in the lineup.

Check them out when Valiant’s One Dollar Debuts hit stores on May 1st.

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