One of the biggest X-crossovers of the 90s hits Battleworld with X-Tinction Agenda

Disease has set in some ten years after the fall of Cameron Hodge, and it’ll be mutant against mutant as Havok takes on the X-Men for a cure.

It has been ten years since the fall of Cameron Hodge and his fascist regime. Ten years that Havok and Wolfsbane have toiled and labored to rebuild Genosha into the proud mutant homeland it once was. But a decade removed from Hodge and his iron rule, their work may all be for naught. A plague has spread across the nation, infecting mutants and threatening their race with extinction. With all of Genosha quarantined and all but abandoned by the rest of the world, including the X-Men, old friends may become new enemies!

“A virus is decimating the mutant and mutate population,” says writer Marc Guggenheim in an interview with “The X-Men have a cure in the form of Triage, but won’t violate the quarantine that Genosha is under, not wanting to risk extinction should the virus spread. Havok and Wolfsbane take it upon themselves to go and get Triage and bring him back to Genosha, by force if necessary.”

One of the more interesting inclusions in Secret Wars and the Warzones of Battleworld, this alternate X-Tinction Agenda universe sets mutants against one another. One of Marvel’s biggest events of the 90s, I remember X-Tinction Agenda well. It was an absolutely massive crossover that included tons of X-Men characters and really evolved the various series’, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Seeing it play out from another viewpoint, which is kind of the point of these Warzones! titles, is really cool too, since there are definitely some interesting angles that could be explored if things had gone differently. That’s just what happened here actually, with a plague spreading and the X-Men unable and unwilling to help for fear of letting it loose into the greater world.

If you’re a Havok fan too, this is a sort of rare chance to the see the other Summers brother take the center stage, as it’s really just him and Wolfsbane against the world here. Marc Guggenheim (who you might know as the Executive Producer of Arrow on the CW) and Carmine Digiandomenico bring X-Tinction Agenda #1 to the racks this June, with a delightfully old-school cover by David Nakayama.

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