One:12 Collective Catwoman (Action Figure) Review

Hero and/or thief Catwoman joins the One:12 Collective from Mezco Toyz with a great figure that directly reflects her most current look.

Is she villain, hero – or both?!

Seriously, Catwoman slides back and forth so much between being “good” and “bad”, it can be tough to tell what her alignment is. Lately, and I mean that pretty much throughout the current “Rebirth” era of DC Comics, she’s more heroic than anything else. She’s also Batman’s love interest now more than ever, even with the whole left at the altar thing.

The point being, she’s a major force in the DCU and has only gotten bigger and bigger in the new age. So of course it was only a matter of time before she got a plastic representation in the One:12.

As figures in the collector line go, she’s pretty great, though I do have a few issues.

Build Quality

Classic One:12 Collective here. The build quality on the Catwoman figure is just as excellent as it is with all the others in the series. Selina Kyle is appropriately smaller and slimmer than most other figures, and has all the check boxes ticked off in terms of look.

Catwoman is terrifically posable, maybe a little better than usual since she is smaller. She’s a lot like the Spidey figure in that way, though a little smaller than he is I think.

She’s also got the same high-quality accessories and costume as One:12 fans are used to.


I like what Mezco did with their take on Catwoman a ton. actually more than usual, and that’s saying something.

What we have here is an almost completely comic book-accurate figure. That might sound like it’d not be worth saying, but it is honestly something that I am not used from the company.

I don’t want anyone to think that that means I’m hating on the One:12, because that’s the furthest from the truth. It’s a great series, but it’s also one that usually takes liberties. Not always, but usually. Most of the time, these are positive things. Mezco’s alterations can really spruce up a somewhat bland, yet iconic look.

In a way, that’s the case with Catwoman too, but it’s incredibly minor. Mezco has added some detail to Selina’s jumpsuit with a few lines of stitching, but that’s basically it. What we’re left with is otherwise a straight up figure that represents Catwoman as she currently appears in DC Comics. I don’t know if I’d like this all the time from the One:12, but I dig it here.

All three heads included look great too in terms of sculpt and display well. As a big plus, you get the “unmasked” look and (two versions of ) the masked.

That’s something that I always like to see in this line, and the addition of the removable goggles was a great idea as well. You have essentially five different possibilities in terms of display because of that.


A little bit of a letdown, especially after coming off of a review of the Blade figure, are the accessories here. There’s some cool stuff included with Selina, but not much of it.

In the box are the usual assortment of hands and the three portraits mentioned above. Then you also get a backpack, whip, the goggles, and… that’s it. No bag of stolen goodies, no black cat (a’la The Animated Series). I know Catwoman doesn’t usually have tons of gadgets, but you get effectively one accessory here (the whip).

As usual all of this stuff looks great. That’s the One:12 for you though, what you get is always excellent looking. I just wish there were more inventive accessories included.

I guess in a way the extra hands could be considered accessories in Catwoman’s case. There are included hands with claws extended, ready for attack. So there’s that too, which is pretty nifty.


The last category in our review system was a little bit of a downer, but even so, this is still a great figure. Pretty much everything other than my accessory complaint is excellent, I just wish Mezco had packed more stuff into the box.

Release date:
January 2019
Maker: Mezco
Line: One:12 Collective
MSRP: $80.00 USD

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